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  1. A New Adventure

    Exciting changes are upon us... 

    We recently mentioned a new adventure StoneButterfly was embarking on in our latest newsletter, well the adventure has finally begun... 

    Our New HQ

    Over the past year StoneButterfly has been cooking up a storm! Our devoted time has put every hour of their time into making our beloved interior business into a roaring success. During the summer of 2018 we moved our head quarters from Leicester City to a small town called Queniborough. Our new premises has allowed us to extend our showroom so we can now dispaly more products than ever! Open 9-5 Monday to Friday, you can now come along and see in front of your very own eyes our fabulous range of products. 

    Check out the following images to see the construction of building our new HQ...

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  2. The History & Uprise of Scandinavian Furniture

    History & Lifestyle 

    The Scandinavian home is a place of peace, solidarity and simplicity. It has been adapted and grown over the 20th century by many cultures and traditions around the world. Inspired by the designers and architects of the Nordic countries, people have started to adapt their own interpretations of interior and exterior Scandi design.  

    Beautiful lighting and soft colours create a warm and inviting living space in this scandinavian home. 

    Scandinavian modernism came about in the early 1900’s in the Nordic countries of: Sweden; Iceland; Norway; Denmark; Finland. Scandi furniture represents the Nordic way of life. Their lifestyle stems itself around design, nature, light and how to live

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