Exciting changes are upon us... 

We recently mentioned a new adventure StoneButterfly was embarking on in our latest newsletter, well the adventure has finally begun... 

Our New HQ

Over the past year StoneButterfly has been cooking up a storm! Our devoted time has put every hour of their time into making our beloved interior business into a roaring success. During the summer of 2018 we moved our head quarters from Leicester City to a small town called Queniborough. Our new premises has allowed us to extend our showroom so we can now dispaly more products than ever! Open 9-5 Monday to Friday, you can now come along and see in front of your very own eyes our fabulous range of products. 

Check out the following images to see the construction of building our new HQ...

Construction Of The Showroom Displays

Construction Of The Kitchen & Visitor Area

Our New Website

As well as our new head quarters, we have also been developing a brand new website! Our dedicated team of developers, designers and marketers have spent over a year building a brand new website which offers the best customer experince possible! Every aspect of this website has the customer in mind, no more scrolling through lists of furniture trying to find products, you can now easily find your perfect table or chair by selecting from one of our categories. 

Full of interactive features and bold colours, this website has it all! Every product is carefully put into a catergory which enables you to easily find exactly what you're looking for without getting lost. If you do get lost then simple click back to the home page or take a look around, you never know what you might discover. 

Interior design is a big industry and a crucial aspect of everyday life. Choosing which furniture to put into your home & lifestyle is a big decision which isn't taken lightly. This is why we at StoneButterfly have added features to our new website to ensure you know about every option available to you. Check out our Hand-Crafted section on the home page or use the following link to find more ways you can take a peice of furniture and make it your own! https://www.stonebutterfly.co.uk/hand-crafted

We have also added a key feature to our product listings. Our most popular dining chair is the Charles & Ray Eames DSW side chair. This product is now listed with amazing features which enable you to alter the product to suit your style without even opening the product. This amazing feature allows you to compare different products side by side.

Take a look at the following images to see the design team at work...

Design Team Set Up

We really weren't joking when we said exciting changes ahead!

Take a look around to see what els you can find! 

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